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Pasha Pa is a 13-year-old boy who has been dating an 8 year-old girl. A large number of Ukrainians were offended by a post from Milana Makhanets, aged eighteen, on social media stating that she was dating Pasha Pai, a 13-year old boy. Both Milana Makhanets (and Pasha Pai) are minors living in Ukraine and Russia. Milana Makhanets: Who are they? Milana Makhanets, an 8-year old social media star on Lykee (a TikTok-style platform popular among Ukrainian and Russian kids). Milana Makhanets is a model for children’s fashion labels, which has increased her fan base.

Pasha Pai

Pasha Pai is who?

Pasha Pai, a teenage boy from Ukraine, is an influencer who has more than half a million Likee followers. Milana Makhanets, eight years old, revealed that she is currently in a relationship to Pasha Pai (13-year-old Moscow-based blogger). She has 486,000 Instagram followers and her large Likee subscriber base. Even though the post was deleted, the screenshots of Milana Makhanets’ announcement that she had a relationship with Pasha are still online. The caption reads “Pasha and me are now a couple.” There is also an image showing them romantically looking into one another’s eyes. Pasha and Milana Makhanets shared their intimate snaps, which were very young for them. Pasha has not shared many photos with Milana Makhanets’ Instagram account, but Pasha’s Instagram page is full of pictures of Milana Makhanets. Milana posted many Instagram photos where she was often cuddling the boy aged 13 and some also showed them sleeping together.

Darya Makhanets, Milana’s mother, is well aware of the close relationship between them. She manages Milana’s social media accounts. The mother has prayed for a happy future and is comfortable with the couple’s love affair. Darya explained that she was okay with their love affair and said that it was “their life” and that they would work it out. Below are some comments. Gerda Weber, a Kievan woman, wrote on Facebook that Mila’s mom Darya had problems with her head. “She sexualizes her child for money. Darya is not aware of the comments that scream at her children. Today, children bloggers are added alongside them,” she wrote. Noting that it could lead to an “overdose at fourteen years old” or other serious psychological conditions, Anna Malyar, a lawyer, stated that Milana’s mother Darya should be charged under the law for sexualizing minor girls.

Anna Malyar stated that the mother made a seductive, perverted woman out of an eight year-old girl and that she should be held accountable for her reckless behavior. Igor Mosiychuk, a Ukrainian journalist and ex-politician, responded to the incident by saying that “all this promotion on Mila’s and Pasha’s social networks is very close to child pornography” and “is a breeding ground which, like honey attracts and stimulates sexual predators to act.” Ukrainian politicians and journalists are also calling for an investigation. Many parents stopped following their children on social media accounts linked to this scandal.

What is Pasha Pai’s age?

Pasha Pai is approximately 13 years old. It is not known when Pasha Pai was born.

What is Pasha Pai’s Net Worth?

We don’t have any information on Pasha Pai’s net worth.

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