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Maria DiGeronimo is an Australian reality television personality who began appearing on the Seven Network series ”Yummy Mummies” in 2017. Maria has more than 587,000 followers on Instagram.


She was born on March 5, 1987, in Adelaide, Australia.

DiGeronimo grew up in Adelaide, Australia. Maria earned her bachelor’s degrees in education and psychology. She is a personal trainer.

Yummy Mummies

Yummy Mummies is an Australian reality television series that premiered on the Seven Network on July 9, 2017.

The series is carried by Netflix as an Original outside of Australia.

”Yummy Mummies” followed her experiences as an expectant mother preparing for the birth of her first child in a luxurious fashion.

During an interview, she said about the show:

“For the people taking the show yummy mummies too seriously-don’t. Carlos and I clearly don’t! It’s meant to be light entertainment or it wouldn’t be on TV.”

About 60 days after Netflix picked up the shows, DiGeronimo’s Instagram following has gone up from 60,000 to over 391,500.

Jane Scandizzo, Maria DiGeronimo, Rachel Watts and Lorinska Merrington – @Getty

She said:

”It’s been chaos, really overwhelming … I’ve had to turn off my notifications, it’s so hard to keep up,’ she said.”

DiGeronimo later added:

“I’ve had messages from countries like Ecuador, India, China, Kenya, everywhere … so many people want to know if I’m pregnant again or if I’ve gotten married since the show.”

”Yummy Mummies” was renewed for a 2nd season to air in 2018, where it will be exclusive to 7plus, the Seven Network’s online catch-up service.

DiGeronimo and her fiancée (Carlos Vannini) declined to appear in the 2nd season of ”Yummy Mummies” because of how they were portrayed in the first season.

Vannini said:

“Initially we agreed to the show on the premise that it would be an ‘observational documentary’ which we understood would be us going about our lives with the added extra of a camera to document it.”

Carlos continued:

”However … that was not the case at all.”

Vannini also said that he is very unhappy with how the Seven Network has used Valentina (their daughter) to promote the series that was “far from reality.”

Maria declared:

“The first series was not truly me as my hormones were all over the place and I feel Channel 7 took advantage.”

However, if she was given more ‘creative control,’ DiGeronimo said she would be open to starring in her own TV show.


Maria is engaged to Carlos Vannini. He is described as a part-time barber and business owner.

Vannini caused a big fuss online when he managed to deliver more than $15,000 in Versace jewels as well as a $7,000 bouquet of $100 bills.

Carlos said:

”I know you don’t like flowers, so I got you a bouquet of money.”

Maria said about Carlos:

“Carlos chased me for a bit before we got together but I also believe you should never stop chasing your girl and treating her like a princess.”


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The couple has a daughter named Valentina. In addition, Carlos has a daughter named Montana from a previous relationship.

In 2018, after four years together, they separated amicably.

They will share custody of their daughter Valentina.

Vannini admits appearing on the show had a significant impact on their relationship. He said:

“The pressures of the show and the expectations of the producers throughout the pregnancy and after Valentina was born having the TV crew around all the time, didn’t allow for the bonding time as a family which we required.” 

Carlos later added:

“And the pressures and judgments of the public to some degree took its toll.”

Maria also said:

“I believe everything happens for a reason. Carlos and I are maintaining a friendship for our Princess Valentina and we are very conscious of her feelings through this time.”

However, it seems that Vannini and DiGeronimo have reconciled in recent months.

The two have confirmed that they are back together and ‘more in love than ever.’

Maria said:

”Being apart from each other for eight weeks made us realize how much we really do love each other as we recognized that without each other we both felt incomplete.”

DiGeronimo also said:

”We are back together, happier and more in love than ever.”

In October 2020, Maria revealed on Instagram that she is expecting her second child.

In March 2021, Maria and Vannini have welcomed a son together.


”Ever since I can remember, she has always been a mum who gives her absolute all to those that she loves.”

”I like nice things, and I’m living a life that I love. I follow one person, (partner) Carlos (Vannini), on Instagram, and it’s purely because I don’t find anyone’s life as interesting.”


In a promo clip for the show, DiGeronimo sat at a cafe and watched another mother breastfeeding her child and said:

“Breastfeeding in public is illegal, you just don’t do it.”

The comment caused a lot of backlash, with some mothers even planning to boycott the series when it went to air.


According to the law, a mother can breastfeed in a restaurant or a shop while she is a customer or using a service.

This is a mom’s right and is legally supported through the Sex Discrimination Act 1984.

Pru Goward (2001-2006), a former federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner, said:

”A mother’s right to breastfeed is protected by the federal Sex Discrimination Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, marital status, pregnancy, and potential pregnancy.”

Goward went on to say:

”The Act also makes clear that discrimination, because a woman is breastfeeding, is regarded as sex discrimination because it is clearly a characteristic of women.”

In July 2017, DiGeronimo took a stab at music, releasing a music video for her original song called – “Valentina.”

Maria and Vannini have faced criticism for Carlos’s decision to prepare meals for Maria while pregnant to help her keep her “body in shape.” During an interview, Maria said:

“He researched what I needed to eat and cooked it up; they’re portion-controlled meals.”

DiGeronimo continued:

”He believes that’s what will keep my metabolism fast and in check.” 

She is acquainted with Gina Liano, an Italian Australian author, barrister, and actress who is best known for her role in ”The Real Housewives of Melbourne.”

Gina Liano

In 2019, Maria was a guest judge at the Miss World SA state final at Sfera’s Park Suites and Convention Centre.

Maria DiGeronimo – Net Worth

DiGeronimo made most of her wealth before joining the ”Yummy Mummies” series. But, after the show, her Instagram account has over 587,000 followers. She can easily earn around $5,000 per paid post on the platform.

Her house is estimated to have a worth of $700,000.

Therefore, reality TV star Maria DiGeronimo has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

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