Jen Rubio Net Worth 2022-Away Co-Founder

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  • Nationality: Philippines
  • Profession: Businesswoman
  • Date of Birth: August 19, 1989
  • age: 32 years
  • Husband: Stewart Butterfield
  • Net worth: $130 million


Jennifer Rubio is a Philippines businesswoman who lives in America. She is the co-founder, President, and Chief Brand Officer of Away, a luggage manufacturer and retailer. Rubio has served as head of social media at Warby Parker and global director of innovation at fashion company AllSaints.

Early life

On August 19, 1989(age 32 years), Jennifer Rubio was born in the Philippines and moved to New Jersey when she was seven years old. She grew up traveling and lived in seven cities on three continents. When she was young, Rubio bought a lemonade stand from another child who lived on her street for $20, which she borrowed from her father. She has called it her first merger and acquisition. Rubio later attended college at Penn State University, where she pursued a supply-chain management major. She was placed at Johnson & Johnson as part of Penn State’s co-op program. After discovering her desire to be a businesswoman, Rubio dropped out of Penn State just a few credits shy of graduating to pursue a full-time role at Neutrogena, a company with whom she did another co-op.


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In 2011, Rubio was recruited by and joined Warby Parker, leading its early content and partnership work as its Head of Social Media. She met Away co-founder Stephanie Korey during her time at Warby Parker. In 2013, she left Warby Parker and went to London, where she was the global director of innovation for clothing brand AllSaints. She spent much of a year traveling for the position.

Before Warby Parker, Rubio held different marketing and social media roles, working for brands on the agency side and in-house. She also taught social media as an adjunct professor at Miami Ad School. She has been a guest lecturer at Hyper Island, New York University, Wharton School of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University, and Harvard University.

Rubio co-founded Away, a direct-to-consumer travel and luggage company, with Stephanie Korey, who worked at Warby Parker. By 2017, Rubio and Korey had raised $31 million, making it one of the largest seed financed female-backed startups.


Rubio got engaged to her boyfriend, Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, in May 2019. Since then, they have lived together in America. Stewart and Rubio are often seen in a social gatherings, and also they love each other so much that they even take pictures while kissing.

Jen Rubio’s net worth

Jen Rubio’s net worth is estimated to be around $130 million. Stewart Butterfield and Jen Rubio have a combined net worth of $1.93 billion as of 2021. However, Rubio has been doing so philanthropic work. On April 7, 2021, She made a guest appearance at a gofundme and her health initiative meeting.

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