Pantons Squad Net Worth: How Rich Is The YouTube Family?

Pantons Squad Net Worth – The Pantons Squad, a popular family channel from Florida, USA, is run by a four-member family. The platform has helped them to build a net worth in excess of $1 million. Don and Malinda, parents of Yaya (and Dj) respectively, founded the channel. Their dog Snowy is also their pet. Their material is mainly highlights from their trips. The Pantons Squad’s net worth is $1 million as of 2021.

Pantons Squad
  • Father Don Panton (Social Media Personality and YouTuber, Patriarch for the ‘Panton’s Squad’ channel)
  • Mother Malinda Panton, Social Media Personality, Youtuber, Matriarch of ‘Panton’s Squad’ channel)
  • Siblings: DJ Panton (Younger Brother), (Social Media Personality and YouTuber, Member, of the ‘Panton’s Squad’ Channel).
  • Other – Mary (Maternal Grandmother), Donald Panton(Paternal Grandfather).
Net Worth $1,000,000

Pantons Squad Early Live

Malinda Panton was conceived in Haiti on August 31, 1988. She is 32 years old and her zodiac sign Virgo. She is a citizen in the United States. Malinda, however, currently resides in West Palm Beach (Florida), USA.

Malinda’s contact information and names of her parents are not yet available. Similar to her siblings, it is not possible to access any information about Malinda’s other relatives. It is clear that he prefers to keep the private lives of her parents and family members secret. Malinda doesn’t mention them on social media.

Pantons Squad Net Worth and Career

Malinda Panton started her YouTube career in 2017 with Don. They founded the channel “Pantons Squad” on January 5, 2017. It has received 471,317.483 views so far. Season 1 Ep.1 – Meet The Pantons Squad – This family vlog was the first video they uploaded to their YouTube channel. This video was uploaded on January 7, 2017, and has been viewed 222K times. This movie was made with a camera they received as a gift. They began to publish unique content on their channel every day after that.

Malinda, the channel’s cocreator and heavily involved in its day to day operations, is also Malinda. They also vlog their daily lives, as well as their lives together, with children and travels. You can also find films about shocks, reactions and humorous situations.

Her children also have their own channels, with amusing videos and candy reviews, slime, candy reviews and DIY projects. Her daughter uploads videos about her children, shopping trips, and other topics. She doesn’t appear to be on the channel anymore. Malinda’s younger son also has a channel. It was created to showcase videos about Fortnite and Minecraft. However, it doesn’t seem to be updated often and instead features films that feature challenges and lifestyle videos.

Pantons Squad Personal life

Malinda Panton was married to Don Panton in 2006. According to reports, they dated for one year before getting married. They are proud parents to two children. Her older child, Sariyah was born in June 2008, and her younger, DJ, was born February 2012. Her family also owns a dog named Snowy. Malinda enjoys traveling, trying new fashions, and spending time together with her children and husband. On her Instagram, she also shares many images with her husband and children.

Pantons Squad Net Worth

The Pantons Squad’s net worth is $1 million as of 2021.

Pantons Squad

Pantons Squad Net Worth via YouTube Partnershipthi

Pantons Squad is a YouTube partner. YouTube Partner Program members can monetize videos using Google-placed ads.

To make money from YouTube, you need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views hours. They may then apply for YouTube’s Partner program, which allows them to monetize their channels through advertising, subscriptions, or memberships.

Pantons Squad could make money from merchandise sales and sponsorships. Google ads are what actually make Pantons Squad money.

A YouTuber with 1,000,000 followers can earn up to $500,000.

A viral video can make a YouTube producer like Pantons Squad a lot of money. Based on 1,000,000 views per video, YouTubers can make between $3,000 and $40,000 annually. YouTube doesn’t share the decision of its YouTubers on how to make their income or net worth.

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